I think this idea is really neat because it takes the idea of an Ondes Martenot ribbon and makes it into a more accessible midi controller. It’s basically a pulley system with a wire which is connected to a ring which determines the pitch based on the location of the ring relative to the keyboard.


This one is really neat because it’s basically the building blocks to make a digital synthesizer using an Arduino. It also has multiple sources for inputs to control the generated sounds.

I really like the idea of making a granular synthesizer accessible in physical space instead of in a computer program, so this one is honestly perfect for that—a granular synthesizer using an Arduino.


This one is really cool for adding onboard effects to an electric guitar and makes me curious about making certain digital effects which only work well on a computer usable on a semi-hardware-level.


This one is cool because it’s also doing DSP effects on the Arduino including a bit crusher. I’m betting it could sound interesting to try to use the really low resolution DAC that you can get on the output of the Arduino to make some of those sounds more ‘naturally.’


This one particularly strikes me as interesting because it’s controlling external electronics which is something I’m definitely interested in.


I really like this one because it’s kind of unconventional. It seeks to do something entirely different than has been done before and I really like that strategy.


This one is awesome because it definitely has practical applications to enhance things such as live shows, etc. It also has a lot of uses in installations and various other related projects.


I really like the potential of this kind of thing to be applied to using the input data as a starting point for some sort of artistic algorithm. It could be neat to combine with some sort of GAN type neural net.


I’m also quite interested in drum machines, so I think this project is really interesting. The combination of a drum machine and keyboard with the keyboard generating its sounds and the drum machine sampling them is a really neat concept.


Both regular pulse and random pulse trigger envelope (they’re summed first)


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