Ibanez: manufacture the awesome tube screamer.

Dunlop: manufacture my other favorite, the fuzz face.

Death by audio: more specific-style pedals, more high-quality and oriented toward specific sounds which is cool.

I really like the fuzz face and tube screamer both for one major thing: there’s a lot that you can do with both of their really simple circuits (such as how the fuzz face creates distortion using the inefficiency of germanium transistors). I’m really curious about the interstellar overdrive from Death By Audio because it has a really controlled tone to it which adds distortion in just the right places.

While I love the more produced classics, I have to say that I really like how some of these boutique places are running. It seems that while the bigger pedals sound nice, the more interesting and newer/more original sounds are found with these smaller companies which I think is really cool

I mean that that Walrus Audio pedal with joystick controls is probably one of the most interesting ways of controlling a guitar pedal I’ve ever seen.

Momentary buttons are only in the on position as long as you are holding it down, latching ones stay down and need to be pressed a second time in order to be turned off. A momentary button would be great for something like a buzzer or a note on/off control for something like a midi controller. A latching button is great for, say, the pre/post control on a mixing console. Really anything that needs to be kept in the on or off state without being held in analog. Momentary buttons could also be useful for something digital where the state is stored in memory rather than physical space.


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